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In addition to children’s programs, it is a future goal for Sideways to also function as a studio space for artists with developmental and intellectual disabilities. With a background in direct-care work, offering creative space, materials, support and to artists with disabilities has been a longtime dream. This aspect of Sideways programming will be an open studio program (rather than a class structure) which will provide a supportive space for artists to access materials and create freely. The studio will be equipped with a kiln and artists will have access to a wide range of mediums including (but not limited to) drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, sewing, fashion design, gardening and more.

With grand aspirations and goals of creating accessible educational experiences for people in this area, Sideways Studio programs will be sliding scale but ultimately free to attend for all. Through offering free programs, Sideways hopes to foster community relationships and provide meaningful experiences for youth and artists, regardless of financial backgrounds.

We are in the process of looking for studio spaces! Come back soon for more information on the future of Sideways Studio.

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