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Sideways is a non-profit, artist-run studio and education program. We focus on Art and Nature connection experiences in Columbia County and Berkshire County. Offering opportunities and creative space to children and artists with developmenal and intellectual disabilities, Sideways promotes playful experimentation while instilling a sense of wonder within learning spaces. Aiming to validate children’s identities as artists and individuals, Sideways encourages intergenerational and community collaboration. Through partnering with local teaching artists, programs support the development of innovative projects and broaden the scope of research and possibility within the program.

At the moment, Sideways operates separate varying programs:

︎Afterschool programs

︎Individual workshops

Sideways formally began in 2022 as an experimental educational project founded by artist Ruby Jackson. Jackson is a sculptor with a focus on paper-making and ceramics. Jackson holds an MFA from Rutgers University and a BA from Bard College. She has worked for many years as an art educator and vegetable farmer, such experiences having led her to envision a program that offers radical exploration and collaboration within early education - a free, innovative and student-led program. Jackson has 11+ years of experience working with children and art and nature education and 3+ years of working with adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. She is passionate about arts access as well as working towards community and establishing creative networks in rural places.

We are always interested in connecting further and fostering new relationships within the community. If you have ideas for Sideways please check out our Contact page and be in touch!

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